Avengers Endgame: Was the movie leaked on the networks? A user shared it and amazed thousands

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Avengers Endgame: Was the movie leaked on the networks? A user shared it and amazed thousands

There is less than a month left until Avengers finally arrives: Endgame, the most awaited tape of the entire Marvel franchise. However, this does not mean that it is haunting several spoilers on social networks and, now, a very large one. What is it about? Of the main plot.

The following information consists of the first and second act of Avengers Endgame full movie, so if you do not like spoilers we recommend you do not continue reading, otherwise, go ahead …

The film begins with Tony and Nebula trapped in space and will be the same as Iron Man, when Robert Downey Jr tries to escape from the cave. After this the Marvel Studios logo appears and we can see Thanos meditating in “The Garden”.

At that moment Gamora appears to forgive him for his actions and disengages, while Thanos uses the Gauntlet to create puppets. Ant-Man falls, who is in the Quantum Kingdom, sees factions of the past and future before him by one of the vortices of time.

After this, he tries to escape from the Kingdom as close as possible to the present but appears two weeks after Thanos’ crack. We change the scene and see Captain America in a meeting with the surviving heroes, making it clear that he does not intend to move forward.

Thor found a place to build a new Asgard, so he wants to find Thanos and kill him as soon as possible. Here we see a small camel from Valkyrie. At that moment Rocket receives the signal that the Benatar reaches the earth and meets Tony and Nebula, praising the first for the arrangements.

Tony says goodbye to Pepper while everyone gathers at the base when Captain Marvel appears. Here is a small debate between the heroes, because she emits a power similar to that of a Gem of Infinity. Stark and Steve Rogers have their first talk after the Civil War events.

Are you interested in continuing reading? Here we leave the original publication for you to learn about what happens in the next act, which becomes much more interesting.

Avengers: Endgame arrives in our rooms on April 25th. So far all the theories that abound in networks are speculations, however, is this really true or will we see something totally different? Very soon we will know.

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